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Remembering Typhoon Sining's Devastation of Buhi in 1970

Let's put in writing (preferably in Boie'nen) our anecdote of this dark event in our town. You may post the link to your story about this catastrophe in our town just like Maura M. Sawyer did: https://www.facebook.com/notes/buhi-online/typhoon-sining-by-maura-morandarte-sawyer-new-york-usa/10151995083006623

0 eventsane people are going to "Remembering Typhoon Sining's Devastation of Buhi in 1970" event. Are you joining them? The event takes place near Buhi. Print our map or enter the address into your gps and navigate there.

Address of the event
Abring-Paching Road

Time of the event
Fri 13 October 01:00


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