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Texas SandFest 2017 - Get Dirty Play in the Sand

If you love sand castles, then Texas SandFest is the best place in the world to see some of the best sculptors ever! You'll love the soothing sounds of the Texas Gulf Coast as you leisurely stroll amid amazing feats of art and architecture. Master sculptors from all over go to Port Aransas, Texas to make pure magic.

We are so excited about Texas SandFest 2017. This will mark our 16th year attending, our 11th year as a vendor, and our 4th year as a SPONSOR of the event. Make sure and find us on the beach in our booth at the event and remember to Get Dirty Play In The Sand! We have the coolest t-shirt on the beach. :)

The event takes place on the weekend of April 22 - 23, 2017, but there are plenty of things to do the entire week leading up to SandFest.

While you're on the beach, make sure to Get Dirty and Play in the Sand! The Saturday of SandFest weekend, besides watching the Masters event, we hold an Amateur's contest for all ages. This is everyone's chance to show that you don't have to be a master sculptor to get your hands dirty and create something wonderful out of sand. Come to watch or come to play. Either way, you are going to have fun!

Kids can learn at an early age how to become masters of the sand on Lesson Mountain. Talk about Getting Dirty and Playing in the Sand, kids and parents LOVE Lesson Mountain.

There will also be tons of great vendors on the beach selling all kinds of things you can’t live without. Make sure and get to the beach early, because parking fills up quickly. You can check the website to see shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off locations.

For piles more information about Texas SandFest, including th eofficial website, here are some great links:

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Port Aransas Ferry Wait Times:

We at Get Dirty Play in the Sand are very excited about sponsoring this event for the 4th year, being a vendor at it for the 12th year and attending it for the 16th year.


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Address of the event
On the Beach - Booth #32
Port Aransas

Time of the event
Fri 21 April 14:00


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